Issue 1: “Victim”

Issue 1


In March, when I first conceived of this magazine, I would have been satisfied to have just one person read one piece of writing that would have otherwise remained tucked away in a journal. Since then, I’ve witnessed a craving by women of color to claim more space for our voices. For this first issue we already created a diverse, global team, heard positive feedback through e-mails, Facebook and donations, and received around 80 submissions.

Equally unexpected was the way the theme “victim” ended up moving me — a second generation Indian who, for the longest time, didn’t identify as a woman of color. While receiving and editing pieces from all over the world, I found my feelings and perspectives often echoed, and thus, gaining a new legitimacy.

I chose “victim” in part because it’s such a controversial word. To some the word is important, to others harmful, and others still something in between, or not in that spectrum at all. All the writers explore the word in different ways, bringing their own perspectives and experiences to the magazine. I hope these pieces connect with you as deeply as they do with me.

-Shubha Bala, Editor


April Mae M. Berza – Untitled
Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné – For Corinne
Nívea Castro – Familiar Face
Nasrene Haj – risked my life
Uwineza Mimi Harriet – Should I Grow Balls?
Claudia D. Hernández – Invisible Hands/Manos Invisibles
Tamika Jackson – To Let it Go
Danielle Mazzeo – Misnomer
Larissa Melo Pienkowski – confissão
Rinzu Rajan – That Someone’s Bride
Ketechia Sales – The Cleansing (Good Girl Graces)

Elizabeth Dunphey – Daksha
Bhumika Muchhala – Metanoia
Yovani Flores – La Cuchara
Deepti Gurnani – Survivor
Patricia Philippe – Regrettably, I must decline
Prathiba Wilson – Animal on Hunt
Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné – Your Daughter is Trouble
Joeanne Mitchell – The Nago Uncle
Susan Yao – How to be a victim

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