Welcome Lei-Loni Greenhow- Director of Social Media


Kalyani Magazine welcomes Lei-Loni Greenhow as our new Director of Social Media!  Lei-Loni Greenhow is the creator of fashion blog Clothe Your Curves, which promotes body positivity and self acceptance by way of plus-size fashion. She has successfully promoted and engaged a loyal following on several social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. With this …

Chemicals, Kinks, and Other Contemplations

STColbert biopic

Photography by Sydney Tayler Colbert     Sydney Tayler Colbert is an artist from Chicago, Illinois. Her interests include writing poetry, dreaming, and creatively working with her hands. She loves to write and create visual stories about strong, sensitive, and complex women of color. You can find her on Instagram at https://instagram.com/sundriedsyd/ .

Poems by Emmanuella Demosthenes


Untitled I still remember the dance of your fingers along my neck, and the waltzes I’d play on your lips It was a merry dance in perfect time; That ended all too soon.   Vibration No vibration strikes no chords stirs no hearts to no longing No minds to no answers The world lost its …

Desert Storm

Stoddard Hands

By Christine Stoddard I did not lose the baby—she died. There was never any question about where she was. First she was inside of me and then she was in the toilet. She didn’t hide. She didn’t run away. I never had to phone a search party. When she called my womb home, I felt her. …

Call for submissions: “mother/tongue”


What is mother/tongue? It is the language of our mothers/ the dialect of our mothers/ our mother’s words/ migration, immigration, diaspora. Of course, feel free to interpret this theme broadly and submit your stories, your poems, your nonfiction, and your artwork addressing mother/tongue. Deadline: November 15, 2015



    ___________________________Malika Zwanya Crutchfield Malika Zwanya Crutchfield, MA, RRW, is a Bay Area-based artist, educator, and community advocate. Her photography focuses on urban life in the 21st century, ephemera in the natural world, and the intersection between the two. She has had work shown in exhibitions, galleries, and publications across the U.S. and internationally.


Stephanie Hand

by Stephanie Scott I remember as a small child sitting outside my home in Japan, playing with my toys, and students from the high school across the street walking by and yelling “Gaijin, go home!” I go. And go. And go. But I am always Gaijin. Foreigner. At best a peripheral member of some temporary community. …

Stanzas to Rahila

Shaloni Pinto_hand

by Shaloni Pinto I. Rahila, I beg of you save me from my desert. The words are sand slipping from my fingers- floating away- to trap me in their scornful gaze. II. Rahila, they say you burned yourself after they took your words away. I can picture it clearly. The blue, the broken pots, the yellow …